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What is Jasper's Auto Repair?

It is a business for the customers. We are here to service the automotive needs of our customers while getting to know who they are as a person. As a customer, I hope when you visit you feel more than just a way for the business to make money.

Who are the owners?

Jasper's Auto Repair is a family based and family run business. It is owned by Chad and Amanda Jasper. Chad is the head technician at Jasper's Auto Repair and has a huge passion for cars and people. He grew up working in his Grandfather's repair shop. He chose to get an Assosiates degree in Automotive Technology. He also continues to learn about the ever changing automotive industry and keeps his Master Certifications from ASE currant and up to date.

Lastly, when you visit, you will most likely encounter their 3 daughters Riley, Sadie, and Tinley. It is truly a family run business.


What is your Mission Statement?


Our Mission is to provide reliable automotive service with transparency and dependability for our customers.

What does your Mission Statement mean?

Our mission statement is founded on our desire as a company to serve the community and the people in it with reliable and understandable automotive repair service. Growing up in the industry, Chad was increasing upset about companies taking advantage of their customers in order to get more money. It is our desire to make the customers of Jasper's Auto Repair more than their money. Mistakes will happen in life, but in return we will show respect and understanding through it all.

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